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Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus for Dogs & Puppies - 2pk


•Helps protect your pup by killing ticks and fleas and repelling mosquitoes for up to 6 months
•The insect grow regulator (IGR) helps prevent new flea infestations by killing adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs
•Completely adjustable—simply find the perfect fit and cut the excess length
•100% water resistant

$31.99 ea
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Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus for Dogs & Puppies - 2pk
Help your pup fight pesky pests with Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar. Designed for dogs and puppies, these collars help: kill adult fleas and ticks, repel mosquitos and prevent new flea infestations, delivering up to 6 months of protection. And since every purchase comes with two collars, your furry family member will actually get up to 12 months of protection! Unlike messy topical solutions, which typically start with a high initial dose, lasting for only 1 month, each collar features an extended-release technology, which transfers the active ingredient to your dog’s hair and skin over a 6-month period. And to ensure your canine companion stays comfortable while enjoying his daily activities, Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collars are completely adjustable and water resistant!

Deltamethrin 4.00%, Pyriproxyfen 1.00%, Other Ingredients 95.00%.