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Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fresh Clean Scented Clumping Cat Litter - 20lb


•Super Scoop formula is powerful enough to fight stubborn ammonia odors before they start
•Fresh scented formula is purr-fect for cats and pet parents who want to keep their living space smelling fresh and clean
•Infused with moisture-activated baking soda to destroy kitty litter box odors—a trick that has been used since the 1970’s!
•99% dust-free formula allows you and your feline friend to breathe easy in the comfort of your home
•Creates rock-solid clumps for easy removal and reduces tracking—so litter stays where it needs to be and not scattered throughout your home

$17.99 ea
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Arm & Hammer Litter Super Scoop Fresh Clean Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter
No matter how many cats you have, an odor-free home starts with Arm & Hammer—the odor elimination expert! Arm & Hammer Litter Super Coop Fresh Clean Scent Clumping Litter is a lightly scented litter infused with odor-eliminating baking soda for superior odor control and is also 99% dust-free! The new extra strength clinically proven formula is made with concentrated odor eliminators that work to eliminate the most stubborn litter box odors on contact. Best of all, not only will your house stay smelling so fresh and so clean, but the strong clumping formula makes clean-up especially easy after each use. Upgrade your kitty’s litter and kick foul odors to the curb with this Arm & Hammer cat litter, he deserves it!