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Bar ALE 7-Way Poultry Scratch Non-GMO (50lb)

•4.5% Fat
•5.5% Fiber
•10% Protein
•Designed to keep chickens busy & fortified

$23.50 ea

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Bar ALE 7-Way Poultry Scratch Non-GMO
Bar ALE 7-Way Scratch is a premium scratch blend designed to keep chickens busy and feeds their need for such energy foods as found in grains.  Unlike regular scratch, Pristine Scratch consists of whole grains, including safflower and sunflower, with the added benefits of Organic Soybean Oil!

It is not complete nutrition. For complete nutrition you must feed an all around poultry ration like the Bar ALE Non-GMO 16% Ultimate Layer.

•10.0% Protein
•4.5% Fat
•5.5% Fiber

Cracked Corn Non-GMO, Wheat- Whole, Milo - Whole, Safflower Seed-Whole, Black Oil Sunflower, Pea Chips Green, Safflower Oil