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BayDog Monterey Bay Dog Lifejacket - Medium (Blaze Orange)

• Enhanced Chest Flotation
• Torso Support
• Rescue Handle
• Hi Visibility
• Reflective Trim

$49.99 ea

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BayDog Monterey Bay Dog Lifejacket - Medium (Blaze Orange)
From the great makers of the Chesapeake Baydog Harness. Functional and stylish.

Traditional Canine Life Jackets press on your dog's neck and cut into your dogs tender underside with think nylon belly straps. The Monterey Bay Life Jacket is DIFFERENT. It supports your dog's entire body from below and lifts their head and body higher than the waterline.

• ENHANCED CHEST FLOTATION: Keeps your dog’s head above the waterline for enhanced survivability in varying sea conditions
• TORSO SUPPORT: Ergonomically designed to allow complete range of swimming motion
• RESCUE HANDLE: A handle added with reinforced stitching, makes it easy to pull your dog aboard.
• HI VISIBILITY: Bright colors that are easy to spot
• REFLECTIVE TRIM: 360 degrees of nighttime visibility