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Beco Pet Food Scoop - Blue


•Made from rice husk & bamboo
•Natural & sustainable
•Durable & long-lasting
•Sturdy, rigid handle

$6.99 ea
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Beco Pet Food Scoop - Blue
Built for convenience and durability, the Beco Food Scoop is an eco-friendly pet food scoop that is truly unique. While other plastic scoops may be fragile and likely to break, the plant fiber plastic made from bamboo and rice husks which makes up this item is significantly more durable. Plant fiber plastic has significantly less impact on the environment too, as it is both sustainable to make and completely biodegradable when finished with. The scoop is able to hold two cups of food and its gripped handle makes using this item much more convenient.

Note: while they are dishwasher safe, it is best to put them on the top shelf and ideally wash on a lower temperature cycle in order to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible.