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GloryBee Heavy-Duty DLX Bee Suit w/Round Veil - XL

•YKK Zipper-front/ankles
•Detachable mesh veil
•Cotton polyester blend
•Elastic bands around the wrist/ankles
•Balance of protection & ease of use

$63.99 ea
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GloryBee Heavy-Duty DLX Bee Suit w/Round Veil
One of the most essential pieces of beekeeping equipment is a beekeeper’s suit -  it provides head-to-toe protection from stings when working with your bees.  This comfortable heavy-duty beekeeping suit with round veil has a zipper-front with an easy-to-zip detachable round mesh veil. Made from a durable cotton polyester blend, these heavy-duty beekeeping suits will last many seasons while keeping you safe from bee stings.

Bees like to crawl into dark spaces, especially when agitated.  The elastic bands on the wrist and ankles of our suits ensure maximum protection.  These suits also have one chest pocket and two pockets on each leg so you can keep your tools close while working your hives.

Zippered ankles allow you to put your suit on effortlessly over your clothes, even with your footwear on. All zippers on our bee suits and jackets are durable polyurethane coated YKK vislon zippers with a metal pull that will last you many seasons. Some additional handy features include thumb straps attached to the wrists to keep your sleeve from creeping up under your gloves and double velcro enclosures. GloryBee beekeeping suits give you the peace-of-mind you need to work confidently with your bees.

Many new beekeepers ask the benefits of buying a round veil suit versus a fencing veil suit. Each one will protect you equally - it’s just a matter of personal preference.  Round veils keep wiring away from your face even when kneeling and bending, and offer a wider range of view.  Fencing veils help keep you cooler because they don’t require a hat.  The hat attached to the round veil is one size fits most.  Given this, we recommend if you have a larger head, to purchase the fencing veil suit as the hat on the round veil suit may be too small.

This suit will fit most people who weigh 210-240 lbs and are over 6' tall.

It's important to make sure that you choose the right size beekeeping suit. If you choose a beekeeping suit that's too small or too large, it won't be comfortable, and more importantly, it won't provide the best protection while working with your bees. Here are a few helpful hints on picking the right size beekeeping suit.
To make sure you choose the right size beekeeping suit, here are some more detailed guidelines for measuring:
1. Measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest by placing the tape under your arms and wrapping it around your torso
2. Measure your waist by wrapping the measuring tape around the stomach right above the hips
3. Measure your inseam by running the tape on the inside of your leg all the way from your pelvic area down to your ankle

Size XL Beekeeping Suit Measurements:
Inseam - 34"
Chest - 46" to 48"
Waist - 42" to 44"