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Lixit L-100 Original Dog Faucet Waterer


•Fast and easy training, dogs learn how to use it almost immediately
•Provides fresh and clean water anytime your pup wants it.
•Self-serve dog waterer installs on an outdoor faucet in seconds
•Fits standard spigots measures 1-1/4" diameter x 3.5" long
protects your dog from thirst, dehydration and communicable diseases

$13.99 ea
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Lixit L-100 Original Dog Faucet Waterer
Give your pet a sanitary supply of fresh water with the Lixit Dog Faucet Waterer. This faucet adapter fits onto any standard spigot for a flowing water source that’s more natural than still water. You’ll never have to worry about stagnant water getting hot or becoming dirty or unsanitary. With this automatic waterer, you won’t have to remember to fill the bowl, either.