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Lumino Organic Diatomaceous Earth For Poultry - 4lb

•OMRI listed
•It is 100% non-toxic
•Anti-caking agent for animal feed

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Lumino Organic Diatomaceous Earth For Poultry - 4lb
You want fresh free-range eggs or are just looking for companion chickens, they are quite hardy and most of their potential health problems are preventable with a bit of foresight.

Lumino DE is USDA Codex FOOD Grade and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.  It is 100% non-toxic.  It will not harm children, pets, livestock, poultry, plants, or the environment.

DE is USDA approved as an anti-caking agent for animal feed.

This remarkable substance is a natural desiccant.  By drying up manure faster it controls odors and keeps coops cleaner and drier.

Deodorization and absorption are natural functions of Diatomaceous Earth.  The benefits continue as undigested DE passes through and settles on cage or coop floors.

Sprinkle the coop or cage floor and cover with shavings.  Sprinkle in nesting boxes between layers of hay and mix a small amount into dusting bins.

Add one lb. or 6 cups to every 50 lb. of feed.

Use as a whitewash for roosts and walls.  Mix one cup of DE to 1/2 gal of water. Stir frequently.

100% Diatomaceous Earth (Amorphous non-crystalline silica).  This is non-treated freshwater DE, mined, sifted, and packaged in the USA.