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Mallard Creek Muckbuster Bedding - 2cf

•Extremely long lasting
•No mud removal necessary
•Weatherproof, wind resistant
•Levels uneven muddy surfaces

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Mallard Creek Muckbuster Bedding
Mallard Creek Muck Buster is specifically designed to create a stable barrier between your animals and the mud and muck. It can safely be used in horse paddocks, dog runs, chicken coops. It can also be used on walkways and paths.

• Apply directly over mud
• No mud removal necessary
• Levels uneven muddy surfaces
• Weatherproof, wind resistant
• Creates long-lasting barrier
• Provides traction
• Extremely long lasting

Muckbuster consists of small chips of virgin western red cedar. Due to its size, Muck Buster is also wind-resistant.
Installed to a depth of 4", one cubic yard of Muck Buster will cover approximately 80 square feet.