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Miller MFG Chick Brooder Kit

•Keep your newborn chicks safe and comfortable so they grow up fast, healthy, and strong
•Chick brooder kit including a pen enclosure, heat reflector lamp, and stand
•Space to brood up to 15 chicks at a time (depending on breed size)

$29.99 ea
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Miller MFG Chick Brooder Kit
Provides a safe and secure place for baby chicks for the first few weeks of life. Easy to set up and use. Includes durable plastic panels which are washable and reusable. Panels are attached to each other, simply unfold to set up. Zip ties are included to complete the assembly and will hold up the adjustable brooder lamp hanger (lamp not included).

Stand adjusts in height to better accommodate the chicks as they grow. Pen is crafted from corrugated plastic, making it easy to wash clean as needed.

Panels are 12 In. W. x 18 In. H. Holds up to 15 chicks and folds flat for easy storage. Size:30 In. diameter. Material: Plastic Panels, Capacity: Up to 15 Chicks.